Art and Politics in the DPRK










Friday, October 7, 2016 at 6:00PM @ DeSoto Central Market (Community Room)

What is the relationship between the art of North Korea and its policies and governing style? Why is the socialist realist art of the DPRK (inherited from the former Soviet Union) so important to the DPRK government? Although it is impossible to explore these questions in a comprehensive way in such a short talk, using a few key images in North Korean art history, Peter Sukonek (Yale MA ’11, ’13) will lead us through a brief introduction to the complex and important relationship between art and politics in the DPRK. The talk will shine some light on the question of how common North Koreans interact and respond to the ubiquitous and overwhelming nature of this art, or propaganda, that is intended to help the regime maintain ideological control over the masses. A brief Q&A will follow the talk.

About Peter:

Peter Sukonek is a marketing and branding consultant and also an expert in the art, politics, and tourism of the DPRK, about which he has consulted with CNN and other media outlets. He has degrees in art history and Asian religions from Yale, and is a partner at Tongil Tours ( ), an academically-focused tour agency to North Korea and China. 

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