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Most of our communications are through email, so if you aren’t on the Yale Club of Phoenix email list and would like to be, please email the above address.  You’re welcome to email with any questions or suggestions as well.



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Updating only takes a minute.You can log-in to the Directory on the opening page of the AYA website ( It’s the big light blue box over on the right side of the page–you may have to scroll down to see it.Once you’ve signed in, click on #2, “Online Alumni Directory.”

If you’ve moved out of state, if you’ve moved within the state, or if you’d like your Yale Club of Phoenix/AYA emails to be sent to a different email address in the future, please update your contact information with the AYA. Periodically, we at the Yale Club of Phoenix do update our lists. By keeping your AYA information up-to-date, you help insure that our communications are sent to your preferred destination or that you won’t have to unsubscribe again.