Our Fall ’14 speaker Mark Dunn ’07 (Associate Director of Yale Admissions and Director of Outreach) presented the following statistic:  Underprivileged students typically attend colleges with SAT score averages that are 50 points lower than their SAT scores.  Students who are not underprivileged have SAT scores that match the average at the colleges they attend.  Underprivileged students are selling themselves short.

We have the opportunity to help break this statistic at Guerrero Elementary and St. Vincent de Paul, schools already working to do so.  At some point, someone or many someones believed in all of us.  And adopting elementary schools is a wonderful way to pass that belief along, to give back, and to encourage and enable young students.

***The Yale Club in Asheville, NC has already started a project similar to what we could do at Guerrero.  After their Club was issued a challenge in 2011 by Alumni Association Director Mark Dollhopf to better serve their community, Conor Fay ’51 has coordinated the adoption of the worst performing elementary school in their area.  With the help of family and friends, they’ve tutored students, set up school plays, donated art supplies, painted a mural, taught the principal how to negotiate with the government for better funding, etc.

In Fay’s words, “The satisfaction of working with these dedicated educators and their students is powerful, unforgettable.”


If there’s a way you’d like to be involved, or if you have ideas about how we can help the students at Guerrero or St. Vincent de Paul, please let Liz know: elizabeth.foglesong@gmail.com