Our Impact

As Brian works with several other organizations who’re also eager to support him, his team, and his students, it’s been easy to create opportunities for our Club to help:

Tutoring for Accelerated Students:
Mark Horlings ’63, our tutoring head, is delighted to have four tutors (math and reading), and Brian and his team are excited to have our help as his top students now have the opportunity to be pushed.

War Heroes Day:

Rich Solaski ’89 helped Brian bring in guest speakers from the Association of Naval Aviators to talk to the students about WWII (Spring ’15).


11Yale Day of Service:

Jeanine Inman ’04 organized mural painting and book covering on Saturday May 9th, 2015.  Click to see more Pictures (Scroll Down)

Other ways to help Guerrero and ideas we’re still working on . . .

The Guerrero Closet:

To insure that students and parents are never without clothing, the school keeps a closet for children and adults.  We’re welcome to donate to it.

Evening events for Guerrero parents (and students):

Brian’s great at involving Guerrero parents.  One of us could do a financial literacy evening to help parents see college as possible, to let them know about resources that make it possible.  We could do a Career Saturday/Evening as well, so that students and parents could hear about the doors that college opens.

Pen Pal Partnership:

Brian and I have briefly discussed the idea of forming a pen pal partnership with Phoenix Country Day School, and maybe letting 5th graders switch schools for a day, if possible.  It would be so interesting for all involved.


Brian and I hope that the Yale Club community and the Guerrero community can get to know each other as well.  Brian joined us for the Jeff Lewis ’66 Reading this spring.

If there’s another way you’d like to be involved, or if you have other ideas about how we can help the students at Guerrero, please let Liz know: elizabeth.foglesong@gmail.com

We look forward to continuing our work with Brian and his team at Guerrero!

Guerrero Elementary School
463 S Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210
(Broadway, 2 miles east of the 101.  The drive’s shorter than we expected)