Expect More Arizona is a nonpartisan, nonprofit education advocacy organization that is working to ensure all students receive a world-class education, regardless of their background, income or zip code.

Expect More Arizona elevates the voices of partner organizations and individuals statewide to support effective policies and funding that ensure every child:

·   has access to great teachers and principals;

·   has access to high-quality early learning opportunities;

·   is proficient in reading and math by the end of 3rd grade;

·   graduates high school prepared for college or a career,

·   and has the opportunity to attain a degree, credential or industry certification.

Their work focuses on creating opportunities for all Arizonans to effect change for students and teachers by:

·   raising awareness of critical issues,

·   building public support and spotlighting excellence,

·   moving parents and voters to take action,

·   and fostering statewide collaboration to create change.


We look forward to working with Expect More Arizona to support and nurture our state’s students and education system.  Expect More AZ has already passed along information about an educational fair that we passed along to Guerrero and St. Vincent de Paul, and a survey about educational standards in our state in which we as Arizonans could participate.

Both SVDP and Guerrero are excited about Expect More Arizona’s, a website intended to help 8th graders think about profession, the schooling required, and the ways they’ll eventually be giving back to their communities as professionals.  Feel free to use this tool as well, if applicable.

We as Yale Club members and as Arizonans are also free to write to our political leaders with any suggestions we have to improve education in our state.  Expect More AZ is happy to work with us to ensure that our suggestions reach the most applicable leaders.


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